I love encouraging people to write for trees. And there is only one valid reason for writing about trees is that they reconnect us with nature.

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After nourishment, protection, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world. Philip Pullman.

We tend to facilitate each other through the art of storytelling. So, what happens when we don’t tell stories? We die or simply lose interest in a story when it didn’t take us to an interesting place.

Trees reconnect us with nature. The problem that happened in today’s world is that we have lost the mindset of respecting trees, let alone tell stories about them.

Do you ever wonder, how can we respect trees?

It is the same as hugging a tree or not harming them in any physical way possible.

Unfortunately, trees are no longer viewed as the precious heritage of mankind.

In ancient times, there was the concept of growing trees near roadsides, or around the cottage to bring prosperity and wealth to the local community.

This credit of loving trees goes to our ancestors because of their undying respect for this planet on which we are currently living.

They displayed a tremendous amount of wisdom for trees that we don’t have. They respect trees by worshipping them. They respect trees by planting them in abundance wherever they go. They respect trees by documenting them. They respect trees by praising them and the list goes on.

A change in mindset is needed to preserve our native trees otherwise we will keep losing these trees just for our materialistic gains.

If you want to tell interesting stories about trees then the first thing you have to do is to give them due respect and credit. Here, are 14 incredible reasons why we should respect trees and adore them.

14 incredible reasons to respect trees

1. Trees play a vital role in capturing rainwater

Trees play a vital role in capturing rainwater and decreasing the risk of natural disasters like floods and landslides.

2. Trees communicate with each other

Trees communicate with each other and shared nutrients through an intricate underground web of fungi.

3. Old vs New

Scientists have found that older trees share nutrients with younger trees, which later repay them when they have evolved.

4. A mature evergreen tree

Do you know a mature evergreen tree can stop more than 15,000 liters of water every year?

5. An incredible fact about trees

It’s not a myth but an incredible fact that hospital patients with rooms close to trees happened to recover faster than those without the same view with trees.

6. Reduce stress and anxiety by connecting with trees

Trees help reduce stress and anxiety when we walk through a calm, quiet forest with a stream passing nearby.

7. Native trees help stabilize the environment

Native trees help us reconnect with nature. This is an amazing reason to love trees. Protect native trees by not cutting them down.

8. Keep alive the art of storytelling through trees

Trees have long been interlinked with the art of storytelling. Keep old ways alive by telling tales about trees.

9. An ideal backrest for reading

Trees provide the ideal backrest for reading a book or a magazine.

10. Native trees purify the air

Native trees purify the air we breathe. New research indicates that planting non-native trees hasten the rate of carbon released into the atmosphere. This is why I am in favor of planting native trees.

11. Native trees filter the water

Native trees filter the water we drink.

12. Native trees support us

Native trees take longer to grow since their tissue is denser, but they support a wide range of fauna and flora in the community.

13. Trees are an integral part of our food chain

Most native trees are also fruit-bearing and form an integral part of the food, culture, and customs of the region.

14. The history and mythology of the world revolved around trees

The history and mythology related to trees had inspired works of fiction for thousands of years. (I have read somewhere that Sara Maitland in her fascinating book, Gossip from the Forest, proposes that in ancient times the forests were both the background and the source of fairytales. Because of their mysterious secrets and silences, gifts and threats, forests were regarded as the background plot for stories such as Little red riding hood, Hansel and Gretel, and the seven dwarves)

Thank you for reading and highlighting my work. I frequently write for trees and think about them in my happy time. Please visit my blog and do comment on my posts for giving me a little dose of encouragement that I rarely receive.

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