It’s been a while since I post here anything. Thinking of a topic to write about, I look around my surroundings and find these attractive trumpet shaped flowers which are also known for their vibrant colours and delicate petals.
The reason why I like petunias revolves around the fact that they do best in the full sun and repeatedly bloom throughout the summer. And this fact made them the most reliable plants in my lawn for spring and summer season. They are ornamental flowers and can be used in flower beds, as hanging baskets and in vases etc. 

6 quotes about Petunia flower

1. Understanding is the basis of care. What you would take care of you must first understand, whether it be a petunia or a nation.

Dallas Willard
2. At about six in the morning of July 3, 1860, while I was watering my petunias, and thinking of nothing in particular, I perceived coming towards me, a tall, beardless, fair-haired young fellow, wearing a German cap and gold-rimmed spectacles.
Edmond Francois Valentin

3. [Petunias are] as hopelessly impractical as a chiffon ball dress.
Eleanor Perenyi

4. I believe that virtually everyone has the ability to either grow some food at home, or to find an appropriate location to start a garden. I may sound like a kook who plants my landscape with cucumbers instead of carnations, peppers instead of petunias, and fruit trees rather than ficus, but I am convinced that wherever you go, you can grow food! Now is the time for us to join together and plant the seeds that will transform the places in which we live.
Greg Peterson
5. Never upstage a man. Don’t top his joke, even if you have to bite your tongue to keep from doing it. Never launch loudly into your own opinions on a subject – whether it’s petunias or politics. Instead, draw out his ideas to which you can gracefully add your footnotes from time to time.
Arlene Dahl

6. She opened her sketchbook, carefully tore out several pages and handed them to Nasser three detailed color sketches of three flowers. Leafing through the pages, he translated the message. A petunia: Your presence soothes me. A peppermint flower: warmth of feeling. And heartsease, the flower he’d given her so many times before. You occupy my thoughts.
Kaye Thornbrugh

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  1. I like petunias for the same reasons. I just returned from the nursery and the colors give me so many choices. I will have to think about what colors I want to put in the garden.

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