I love tea but don’t know what to do with tea bags?  Instead of throwing them away, this is  perfect time to be creative as there are many ways of using the tea bags. I would like to share some of these uses with you.
10) Soothe  tired eyes:

Yes, you can. You can now soothe pain around your tired eyes  with two warm, wet tea bags and placing then over your closes eyes for few minutes. The tannins in the tea is effective in reducing puffiness and soothe your tired eyes.
9) Relieve pain from injection:
Try wetting a tea bag and placing it over the site of the injection. Hold it gently in place until the crying stops. The tannic acid in the tea will soothe the soreness.
8) Use as a mouthwash:
Why not reuse teabags to ease toothache or other mouth pain, rinse your mouth with a cup of hot peppermint tea mixed with a pinch or two of salt. Peppermint is an antiseptic and contains menthol, which alleviates pain on contact with skin surfaces.
A wet tea bag can also be placed in an area where gums are bleeding, or in the area of a newly extracted tooth, to alleviate both the pain and the bleeding.
7) Stop foot odor:

This is a time to do it. Say goodbye to offensive odors. You can put an end to your smelly feet by giving them a daily tea bath. And how can you do it? By just soaking them in strongly brewed tea for 20 minutes.
6) Get rid of warts: 
Tannic acid  is found naturally in black tea. It will eradicate warts. Place a warmed, wet tea bag directly onto a wart for 10-15 minutes.  Do this two or three times each day and the wart will shrink significantly in just a few days.
5) Fertilize roses and help houseplants: 

For healthier potted plants, place a few used tea bags on top of the drainage layer at the bottom of the planter before potting. The tea bags will retain water and leach nutrients to the soil.
4)   Soothe razor burn: A wet tea bag can also reduce and soothe razor burn.
3) Cure acne:     Wash your face with green tea to cure or reduce acne.
2)   Soothe the itch:
 Next time a mosquito bites you and leaves you with an increasingly itchy bump       somewhere on your body, try applying a hot tea bag over the bump until the bag goes cold. This will soothe the itch and draw out any infection.
1)      Improve breath:
  Gargling with strong tea can help reduce bad breath.

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