4 thoughts on “Live for peepal tree

  1. George Orwell rhapsodizes about the peepul tree in Burmese Days. …..Here a peepul tree grew, a great buttressed thing, six feet thick, woven of innumerable strands of wood, like a wooden cable twisted by a giant.

  2. Hi there !I have become passionate with peepal trees, or Ficus religiosa, and I am always looking at ways to increase my knowledge of this fantastic tree !It seems to me that the roots of peepal trees don't like to stay inside water. But I may be wrong, so I'd like your feedback on this point.:- How high is the tree from water level ?- are the roots directly in the water ? I am asking you, because I am not sure I see clearly on your pictures. It seems like the tree is on higher ground, and I am not sure about the picture with the roots, if the roots are in the water or not.Thanks a lot !

  3. @Goustan BODIN Thankyou for the comment. As you obviously can see, some roots are already in water but its also a fact that they can survive on less water as well.

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