The alphabet “P” or the number four in opposite direction?

I like this shape of a small citrus tree. Its density and the openness of its branching in this unique and rather abstract way is quite appealing to me.

Shape and structure is the most dominant feature of a tree at any time of a year, so sometimes I have this feeling that trees actually communicates with us through the shapes they attain rather than the leaves they grow.
So what do you think, is it the alphabet “P” or the number four in opposite direction?

8 thoughts on “Shape of a citrus tree

  1. I think it's a number four from the other direction, and the branches also number four, so this tree has said \”four\” or possibly \”eight\”.I have thought that trees communicatewith the exact shape and placement of their branches with each species having its own language,that others in that same species can detect one of their own in the forest, But more communication between all things in the ground at the roots and mycelium is quite a reality.

  2. Something about this tree reminds me of human legs upside-down! But yes, it does look like a P. I've always loved drawing trees. Why do you think that is?

  3. Hi,I LOVE your photos, especially the pomegranate. Thanks for taking a look and commenting on my humble blog.Regards, Lisa

  4. I vote for the letter P. All is revealed in winter, as far as tree structure here in Alaska. Haven't seen any \”P's\” or \”4's\” around yet though.Christine

  5. Thanks all for your honest and sincere comments about this tree. And sorry for the late reply, I was busy in my sister's wedding. Love.

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