“The time of spring is past,
The rose-leaves in the garden drift apart,
Among the trees the bulbul sings no more.
How long, madness, shalt thou hold my heart?
How long, exaltation, shalt thou last
Now spring is o’er ?”

From THE DIWAN OF ZEB-UN-NISSA, the eldest
daughter of the Mughul Emperor Aurungzaib.

A lonely tree at Hiran Minar, a hunting resort of Emperor Jahangir, near Sheikhupura, Its a city in the province of Punjab slightly northwest to Lahore in Pakistan. The name Sheikhupura is derived from the nick of Jahangir, who was known as Sheikhu by his father Akbar the Great.

3 thoughts on “A desolate tree – Remains of a glorious past

  1. Hi SophiaMostly I like such trees with irregular shapes and branching. It was the evening time when I took this photo last December.

  2. I will not agree on it. I regard as nice post. Specially the appellation attracted me to be familiar with the sound story.

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