Among all the fruit giving trees, the pomegranate tree is my most favourite. I have two pomegranate trees in my garden both of which are of same variety. They are small in size but completely delicious. Now I am just waiting anxiously for that bless moment when my mother would give me the green signal of picking them up.

9 thoughts on “My Ripened Pomegranates

  1. I have never had the pleasure of experiencing the pomegranate, but they sure do look tasty.

    Do they have the consistency of a grape? Do they pop in the mouth as one takes the first chew, just like a grape? Are they sweet or sour? Are they juicy or spongy?

  2. I have pomegranate a couple of times a year. It is delicious. It has a raspberry-like flavor and they are supposed to be so good for you! Yours look fresher than I have ever seen them in our stores. Yummy!

  3. @ sophia

    I have no idea if its available in your country or not. But yes, they are truly delicious and some of its varieties are much tastier and juicy than grapes. Not spongy.

  4. I recently found out i could grow pomegranate here in zone 7b in the USA, i had previously thought i could not grow it due to our cold winters, boy was i surprised! i will be planting these soon for the gorgeous flowers as well as the fruit.

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