A couple of months ago we brought two gold fishes for our aquarium as it was desperately in need of some new fishes. Here they are … living happily or rather wondering about the thing (cam) in my hand.

The plus point is that they always have such expressions when I was about to feed them or perhaps they know exactly about their feeding time.

While searching, I found a very interesting article about gold fish memories. They say goldfish have a far better memory than the three second memory myth. Read it here.

5 thoughts on “My aquarium fishes

  1. Your fishies are beautiful. They look so graceful. I imagine they must be mesmerizing to watch. I used to have an aquarium and I enjoyed going into a trance watching them swim around. Goldfish are my favorite.

    What is the plant on the top of your blog? Is that a type of begonia?

    Today I found another tree quote for you.

    "When one of you plants a tree, the fruits of which all creatures enjoy, let it be written as charity." – The Prophet Muhammad (SAW), as reported by Anas bin Malik

  2. The plant above is Euphorbia millii aka crown of thorns because of its spiny nature. It among the fabled luck plants of South Asia like money plant. Its considered to bring fortune and prosperity to the owner.

    Its the most beautiful saying you shared this time. And this is the precise reason why I love, care and grow these trees. Thanks a lot as always!
    Hey its good to know, goldfishes are my faves too. Aren't its delightful to see them swimming around?

  3. @ meems
    Thanks for liking. May be I used crown of thorns as a header so that to bring more and more visitors to my blog. It can be a good excuse though half true 😉

  4. They are cute! I just recently bought myself a flower horn fish and every time i take a picture the flash gets in the way on the glass LOL great photo shot! 🙂

    i love to watch fish.

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