…And the Bougainvillea magic begins…!

The evergreen colourful Bougainvillea flowers are in full bloom these days. And they should be as it is the best season of the year for them to grow. Though I found them blooming through out the year but not far as best as in this season. Usually they flower all year in warm climate and if pruned with care they showed much better result but in containers they requires less water to flower. Just give them a suitable place and they know how to climb all by themselves. There is not any medicinal and culinary uses of this plant but has only ornamental value.

In the last picture, there you can also see a nest hanging by its side which has been left abandoned by its inhabitants for almost three years by now. Yes, its a long way to go but we kept this nest in its place as it is because it gives this bougainvillea a very constant and admirable look. What do you think? huh

3 thoughts on “The colourful flowers of Bougainvillea

  1. I like how you are devoted to the green things that grow on earth. I wish I had such a green thumb as you. I like houseplants especially but I am unable to have as many as I would like because I have four cats and they like to take bites out of plants. I have one plant that I've had since December 2006 that my dad and stepmother gave me when I was in the hospital. It was small but now has become very large and continues to grow across the top shelf of the bookshelf upon which it rests. I have to keep it on top shelf so the kitties can't get to it. My husband is the one that waters it. Were it not for him my plant might die. I am not very good with plants even though I love them.

  2. Its good to hear about your love for plant is going stronger and stronger by the passage of time. It just indicate from your comment. We didn't have any cats in our home yet but street cats are regular visitors of my backyard. Love them eyeing on me as I have on them.I love reading your comment.

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