If you have to choose a name for this photo, what would it be?

A year ago, I asked this question from some of my friends in another blog that what they think about this photo and they all came out with different ideas.
Read the comments here.

The right side of the photo is rich with the big green tree, the mosque and all, but the left side is almost barren. And there is a pathway where the image completely ends up….
I know there is too much thinking involved in this photo. But I want to be aware of what do you think about it. Share your ideas and thoughts about this photo. I’d appreciate it.
Waiting for your response.
I’ll prefer ” A mud mosque near a tree”.

8 thoughts on “Can you think of a suitable title for this image?

  1. Can't think of a title, but I like the photo. Glad to find you listed on Blotanical now. Maybe you'll be up for an award next year … 🙂

  2. Still standing after all these years.

    I like the photo very much. If I have more time, I'm sure I can come up with a more meaningful quote!

  3. Hi, I saw another quote today that reminded me of you. Now every time I see a tree mentioned I think of you. 🙂

    I'm not so good at coming up with captions for photos, but maybe "Praise by the Shade".

    "Rejoice in sorrow; it will unite you with God. Bow down and reach the highest peak. Turn inward, toward the heart, and delight in the green shade of trees and many gushing springs."

    – Rumi, "Mathnawi"

  4. @ Autumn Belle
    I like both of them but the second one attracts me a lot.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    @ Sue Swift

    @ birdy
    Hey thanks for liking the pic.

    @ Jan (Thanks For 2 Day)

    yes, its standing here for all the time long, silently witnessing the seasonal crops. Thanks.

    @ Sophia

    Its a great honour for me to even realize that a slight mentioning of trees reminds you of me. Thank you for honouring me.

    I like Rumi poems and quotes very much. Thankyou for sharing it.
    Here, we pronounce "Mathnawi" as "Masnavi".

  5. I'd call it A Lonely Tree. The tree on the right has everything – a great green crown, a mosque, an overall attention. It's happy. The tree on the left is not so beautiful and is absolutely alone. But there is some dignity in it. I like it. I want to hug it.

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