I am sharing these photos of bohr tree after receiving permission from the Lahore Chitrkar’s fan site in facebook. This grand Borh tree is in Abal Mori, Kot momin close to Sargodha.

The culture of respecting and worshiping trees goes back to the earliest Indus valley civilization. That custom lives on and even today,trees like the peepal, neem and banyan tree for instance, are considered sacred and worshipped. Cutting of trees is considered a sin even today. The practice of planting a tree near a grave have helped save these trees from vanishing. By planting they believed in the continuity of the positive energy of the loved ones in the trees and sharing this energy with all living beings. This has been one of the ways of connecting oneself with the dead ones and with nature.

The myth related to the tree stops people from taking wood from the vicinity as bad omen, so the tree stands grand.

Event Gallery: Grand Old Banyan Tree

6 thoughts on “Photos of grand old banyan tree

  1. Such a beautiful and majestic old tree. It could be comforting to know that when we die and are buried, a tree could be planted near us so that we can become part of it in time.

  2. gosh its so cool and peaceful. Thank for sharing such a unique cemetary. I agree with Sophia–and hope the tradition continues on.

  3. it is good that \”sometimes\” such beliefs can help nature 🙂 after all, nature and its wonders were considered god like by humans eons back.

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