Master of The Jinn: A Sufi Novel

Irving Karchmar

Mystical adventure

This is my second post on book cover featuring nature and trees.

Its a tale set on the Path of the Heart, a beautifully written mystical adventure wherein a modern-day Sufi Master sends seven companions on a perilous quest for the greatest treasure of the ancient world – King Solomon’s ring. The legendary seal ring is said to control the Jinn, those terrifying demons of living fire, and in seeking it the companions discover not only the truth of the Jinn, but also the path of Love and the infinite mercy of God.

You can purchased this book from here.

3 thoughts on “Book Cover 2

  1. Thank you for featuring the cover of my book, Master of the Jinn: A Sufi Novel, with its many birds and spiritual setting :)Ya Haqq!

  2. As per your request, the book's cover was done by a Russian artist named Nadya Orlova, and depicts a scene in the beginning of the novel, wherein the Sufi Master listens to the birds that fill his garden. They are warning him that the time is coming for a great event to take place, just as they also spoke to King Solomon :)Ya Haqq!

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