Its 62nd birthday of Pakistan and on that day I just want to say
Khuda kare meri arze pak per utre
wo fasle gul jise andaisha zawal na ho
yahan jo phool khille,wo khilla rahe hamisha
yahan khizan ko guzarne ki bi majal na ho
Happy Independence day 2 all.
As I have mentioned earlier in the past post, the year2009 is designated as the Environment year. Its a monsoon season and all I want from you to plant some more trees.
We all know by now that Pakistan has set a new Guinness world record on 15 July by planting 5,41,176 trees in one day at Keti Bundar, Thatha in Sindh Province. It signifies our commitment to make Pakistan green and environment friendly. Its not only our national but religious duty to grow more trees and make Pakistan lush green.
Today, on independence day, I have a planted a plant for that occasion. Its a small wonderful looking Croton plant. They are grown primarily for their brightly coloured foliage.

14 thoughts on “Pakistan 62nd birthday

  1. Btw, we do plant as many trees each year, more or less.
    However, barely do we keep alive a significant amount even over the lapse of a year resulting in no real difference being made to the environment…

  2. And why we can't keep alive the trees that we once grow…

    the answer lies on the fact that we actually didn't care about our environment.

    we actually don't know meaning of planting trees.

    All we are doing is to introduce exotic trees in Pakistan. Look at your surroundings. Barely you'll see native trees in your neighborhoods.

    All we are focusing in planting ornamental plants like Asokha plant. And what good they are to our environment? Birds cant make nests there.

    Native trees like shisham/ tali are eventually vanishing from our land due to die back disease of shisham.Who cares? Do you grow them? And I know, the answer will be no.

    And what role we are actually playing? Yes, we are just wasting up our time in criticizing each other and our authorities.

    If you can't improve anything. Better don't criticize either.

    Thank you for passing by.

  3. Well…if I see a wrong practice and a false boasting over it, I certainly have the right to criticize it. If you keep on telling us that Pakistan is growing so many trees etc etc, I must point out to you that all these efforts are not a penny's worth. I don't need to go plant an orchard myself to correct you on a mistaken notion you are uttering.
    Oh and as a matter of fact, in recent days, I had some 300 plants of Neem planted in a local graveyard – and I assure you I shall look to their full growing up, unlike others who take a great pleasure in only planting and then leave them to themselves.

  4. Dear Salman,
    ok i got u this time 🙂
    so you think that my blog is only about growing more and more trees and forcing others to plant them also. You are entirely wrong this time.

    Explore my blog.
    Its not just about that.

    ALSO Explore the internet and then you'll find out there is hardly any site in Pakistan that is entirely dedicated to trees and plants of Pakistan. There are either no site or a very few site about ethological and mythological values of trees.

    But If we compared that with India and china, then there is hardly any site about trees and plants in Pakistan. By this, I am not talking about agricultural or homeopathy sites.

    So I just step up and made a blog first of its kind about trees and plants of Pakistan. Its my fault. And if it is, then let it be.

    When I created this blog in the year 2007, I was least bother about planting trees.

    Despite, having problem in maintaining this blog, I am still running it. Because i am a medical student, I haven't much time. And I am not boasting about it.

    Its just a different field.

    And if you still think, i am false boasting all about it, then I ensure you I am not going to end that. No one can stop me.

    Its a blog entirely for Pakistanis and my purpose is to realize them the importance of trees in our culture.

  5. Look. I didn't say anything against you, against your blog or against your efforts to promote green revolution in Pakistan. Rather, I would highly appreciate such a thing and I do.
    What I said was that….we need to look to the mistakes we have, as a nation, made in the past due to which forestation patches have declined in area over the past and we are losing the green in our country..

  6. That is great but our country don't need records it neeeds purity of work.they are not supposed to make records for Pakistan they are supposed to do work what if after making the record, all those plants will be left helpless, there will be no output of making such an effort for record

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