Knowing trees, I understand the meaninig of patience. Knowing about the rivers, I can appreciate the purpose of life on this Earth.

Evolution did not intend trees to grow singly. Far more than ourselves they
are social creatures as they serves as a home for the birds and they also bring
delight to us when we watch birds nest in their boughs.

Sitting on the boughs of these trees (most probably these are eucalyptus trees) are the falcons in quest of a prey, near Ravi river, Lahore.

Note: I have changed the template of this blog. And also have done some major changing. Do tell me, how do you like it?

6 thoughts on “Sitting on the boughs of the tree

  1. Great theme, matches the theme of the website.
    For a person who posts a lot of pictures, you need to learn more about photo editing. Almost some of you photos are good quality, most of your pics need fixing – some are too dark, some are bad quality. Being a photographer myself, I know that most photos need fixing, they have problem either with resolution, brightness or with noise.

  2. Disregards the ‘Almost’ in above post.

    You need to work on composing your photos well.

    I understand you are young and enthusiastic but an amateur photographer nonetheless.

    It may seem that I am bit over critical, but sometimes hearing the truth helps you grow in the long run.

    Chose a decent photo editing software and practice on it. Search google for photography websites and forums. Look at photos posted on these websites. The best quality photos are found on websites that sell stock photos. Search google for them. Offhand I know two: and Search photos in their search boxes, and look at them, you will learn how a good photo should look.

    After all this I liked your blog. You have potential. If I came on too hard, forgive me:)

  3. I like the new template, I like the earth tones. I really like the idea of trees as social. I’ve always felt that a walk in the forest was a walk among friends.

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