As it is officially announced that 2009 is the year of Environment in Pakistan so this time I have decided to share with you a logo of National year of Environment.

”Government is making all out efforts under public private partnership for
protection, conservation and preservation of natural parks and wildlife in the
country. Special focus is being given to environmental awareness for
conservation of the natural resources and natural sites in the country

In Urdu, it is written,

”Sar sabz haseen
Pak sar zameen”

It is a beautiful logo featuring,
national tree[Deodar,Himalayan Cedar],
national animal [Markhor] ,
national bird [Chukar, Red-legged Partridge)
and national flower[ Jasmine] of Pakistan.

Save the environment for sustainable Pakistan.
Spread the message.

4 thoughts on “The National Year of Environment 2009

  1. @ tazeen,
    well it isnt a tourism year. hope for the best.

    @ birdy

    Government is ctually taking some practical steps this year. didnt you read about the news about wet lands in Pakistan? it was on news this week. we celebrated the international wetland day in Pakistan on 2nd February, 2009. you can also visit their site.
    here its the link,

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