It is said if every Pakistani Plants a Tree and takes care of it, we can have 172.6 million trees in 2009. Rather than planting 10 million on 15 Feb 09 and make a record.

Through the site of Water Pakistan, I came to know that 2009 is the year of Environment in Pakistan.

But this has much to say about the project of green schools and how can it can lead us to an ultimate change at national level.

This site also contribute some ideas of why it is important to plant trees in schools and how we can participate in it. Because students can easily take such messages home and its also a constructive way of staying in touch with the nature.

Why Schools
1. Becauae they can take the message easily
2, Take message home
3. Going to be our future
4. have space, energy and need something constructive to do

How to do
1. Campaign tree plantation in schools
2. Let every student have his/ her name on the plant
3. Let them to take care of their trees

I like this idea of plantation of local fruit trees by students and let them take care of them. We should support such activities for sustaining our environment, together.

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