Baba Farid with his disciples sitting under the shade of a tree.

Baba Sheikh Farid Ji was a great Sufi saint, very sweet of tongue and who lived an austere life. He asked for only one blessing from God….a life of prayer and meditation.
His following insight forms the subject of this painting ,

“Sweet are candy, sugar, honey, and buffalo’s milk. Yea, sweet are these but sweeter by far is God.”

In this painting, you can see him pointing at the beehive.

Baba Farid was a 12-th century Sufi preacher and saint of Chishti Order, from Punjab. He was born at Kothiwal (or Khotwal) in the district of Multan. He is recognised as the first major poet of the Punjabi language. Baba Farid is considered one of the holiest and pivotal saints of the Punjab region.

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