“As the poet said, “only God can make a tree,”
probably because it’s so hard to figure out
how to get the bark on.”

– Woody Allen

There is a tree alone amidst a desert in Bahrain, that defiantly stands with its roots deep in the sand. It is known to local as the “Shajarat al-Hayah” and its alternative name in English is ” The Tree of Life”.

No one expected this tree to live or survive, yet it has through God’s Will.

Its not a mystery now but ofcourse a natural wonder. Because the source of water for this tree still a question for everyone, as it stands in a place which is completely without water supply.

I wonder how such a symbol of life can survive in such a desolate area. It is such a huge wild tree one expects to see it in a climate that is sufficient with water supply.

But if we study the properties of this tree then its quite evident that it can easily survive on such a desert.

Its a mesquite tree. Its branches are many, extending about as far as its height. Its leaves are full of color and it is a remarkable testament to fortitude in the face of adversity.

As one person said,

“The reason people think its beautiful is because it has no right to be there.”

If we study the properties of this tree then its quite evident that its a specie of Mesquite which is commonly known to be an extremely hardy, drought tolerant plant because it can draw water from the water table through its long taproot (recorded at up to 190 ft in depth). However, it can also use water in the upper part of the ground, depending upon availability. The tree can easily and rapidly switch from utilizing one water source to the other.

Mesquite trees can grow quickly and furnish shade and wildlife habitat where other trees will not grow. It is also said that such a tree can even regenerate from a piece of root left in the soil.

Therefore, this is a reason why “the tree of life” is still surviving all alone in this oddity.

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Mesquite tree

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