It is the traditional practice of planting a tree near a grave in Pakistan. By planting a tree, it is believed that the positive energy of the loved ones lies in the trees. In my opinion, this is the only way of connecting yourself with the dead ones and with nature.

Now most of people have neglected this traditional practice and started using brick and stone for the tombs/ graves but still we can find trees near every tombs/ graves.These trees are thought as sacred and will never be cut down.

This photo has been taken by me from Sahiwal. I was just passing by this graveyard and this view fascinates me so much that I can’t stop myself from taking this image. I don’t know anything about this grave.

2 thoughts on “A Sacred Tree Near A Grave

  1. I love the idea of planting a tree near a grave. Most cemeteries in the USA are owned and managed by someone. Therefore it is very difficult to get permission to plant anything by the grave. There are still what are “family cemeteries”, where the family is buried and the family maintains the cemetery. Most of these tend to have trees surrounding the sight. The tree is a good way to remember those who have died.

  2. yes, there are many old huge trees near graveyards in Pakistan and yes its a good way of interconnecting with your dead ones. In villages, this practice of planting trees is very common. Thanks for your comment.

    And yes, its good to know about your culture.Here, there is no restriction, anyone can plant a tree anywhere but sadly few people are doing such good deeds.

    Hope to listen more about trees from your culture.

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