SIALKOT, Jan 17: The administration is bent upon cutting a century-old Pipal tree (ficus religiosa) for its obstructing traffic flow in Kutchery Road-Abbott Road junction while locals have vowed to resist the move, terming it detrimental to their acclimatisation with the tree accrued over the years.

The locals are of the view that the tree provided them shade and shelter for over 100 years and its removal or ‘biological killing’ would be shocking for them.

The Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) had decided cutting the tree to expand and renovate Kutchery Road-Abbott Road junction (Bohar Wala Chowk) during ongoing remodelling and repair of the city’s two busiest roads.

The TMA’s earlier move to remove the tree did not bear fruit as locals and shopkeepers running businesses in the vicinity resisted it sternly.

Now the locals have displayed posters and banners in various parts of the city urging citizens to collectively help protect and preserve the ancient Pipal tree, which had acquired the status of city’s heritage and had given recognition to the area.

The authorities concerned were, however, of the view that the tree was main hurdle in widening the junction facing mounting traffic density while the locals said that they would not allow officials to “kill” this tree at any cost. In this connection, they have also announced moving a civil court against the Pipal tree’s likely chopping by TMA.

Reference:: Century-old tree’s likely chopping irks locals

3 thoughts on “Century-old tree’s likely chopping irks locals

  1. Bravo to the local residents and business leaders. I would love to hear a follow-up story on the tree. Sacrificing some things for progress is not progress at all.

  2. well, i didnt have much news about this tree but the the public did their level best to save this tree. Its on news for many days. But I dont know whether they have saved this tree or not.

  3. hi friends we are the safe the tree we are the local residents & business leaders We met friends at this time was to save the tree And that tree is still standing on the water and agitated
    Today we are very pleased that our efforts paid off
    Finally, we name our association is also placed on the tree
    انجمن تاجراں پیپل والا چوک ایبٹ  روڈ +  کچہری روڈ
    shahid aziz

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