Kakrali is an ancient village located in Tehsil Kharian, in the Gujrat District of Pakistan. It is about 25 Kilometers from the city of Kharian and 35 Kilometers from Gujrat. Kakrali is the Punjabi word derived from Kikar Tree. The majority of inhabitants of village are Jatts. Also majority of the people work out of the country.

Kakrali is a village that is very old, and it has a Hindu temple almost near the river ¨bhandar¨, as it is called by the locals. The river ¨bhandar¨ comes from the high mountains in northern Pakistan, so in summer time the people who live in Kakrali can still feel the cold weather, which is actually from melting ice. Near the lake ¨Bhander¨ is a large area with football, 4 cricket pitches and a volleyball pitch. This ground is filled with children and adults in the summer and winter time.

There is a boys high school in kakrali which was established before partition of subcontinent.High quality education had remained a tradition of this school.

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