To get a full understanding of a society and its culture, it is essential to comprehend it, and it is often necessary to observe their effects because people are often unaware of them. It does not matter whether this social groups are related to business, religion, the legal system, or families. They all have functions. For instance, the primary function of a legal system is likely to be the maintenance of the social order in society.

The culture of respecting and worshipping trees goes back to the earliest Indus valley civilization. The seals show that plants were regarded as holy and the homes of divine spirits. That custom lives on and even today, plants and trees like the Tulsi,Peepal, Neem and Banyan tree for instance, are considered sacred and worshipped. Cutting of trees is considered a sin even today. Incidentally trees particularly regarded as sacred,are not only storehouses of numerous medicinal

The traditional practice of planting saplings on the tomb of the dead used to be common among the tribal people. By planting they believed in the continuity of the positive energy of the loved ones in the trees and sharing this energy with all living beings. This has been one of the ways of connecting oneself with the dead ones and with nature. In modern times the people have neglected this traditional practice of conservation of ecosystems and started using brick and stone for the tombs. (In some villages the local people bury and not cremate it)but this traditional wisdom has been revived and many people started planting fruit saplings on the tombs or near the tombs. These trees will never be cut as they are sacred.

Similarly Islam places a lot of emphasis on protecting trees.After death, bodies are not burnt but buried in the ground which in a way enriches the soil and saves wood. A tree is also planted over the grave. Even superstitions have helped our environment! There is a belief that one should not pluck flowers at night. Another belief says one should not sleep under a tree at night. Trees are sacred in this part of the World and trees are used in many rituals ceremonies.

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