Pakistan Railways Heritage Museum is located at Golra junction railway station near Islamabad, some 1,994 feet above sea level, in the southeast of the Margalla Hills and east of the cradle of Gandhara civilization, the ancient city of Taxila.The station was established in 1882 and upgraded as junction in 1912, connecting Peshawar, Kohat and Havalian. The museum contains many heritage valuables but it lacks the necessary written information about the things put on display, their historic significance and the number of years they have been in use.

But this small classic railway station is very well maintained with all the surrounding area still reminding of the good old days and simple layout especially the majestic banyan trees guarding the main structure from both sides. The trunks of these Banyan trees are painted white. The trees not only provide the much-needed shade but also are home to a number of birds. The atmosphere is serene to the extent that one can sit under these trees throughout the day listening to the chirping birds and occasional typical song of doves.

The century old Banyan trees have been ignored at the heritage point even though they give a majestic look to the museum. Its a need to preserve them.

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