Unani Medicine is still common all over in Pakistan and for understanding the medicinal values of Plants, it is necessary for me to also compiled some information on Unani medicine. I have compiled this brief note from three comprehensive websites but the site i really want to mention here is Hamdard as it is the World’s largest manufacturer of Unani Medicine in Pakistan.

Unani is Arabic for “Ionian,” which means “Greek.” It is a formal medicine that has been practiced for 6,000 years. Also known as “hikmat,”

‘Tibb’ means the knowledge of the states of the human body in health and decline of health, or in other words, medicine.

‘Tibb-E-Unani’, is hence an age old, time tested system of medicine dating back 5000 years to Greece.Unani Tibb Medicine was developed by the Greek physician Hippocrates (40 – 370 B.C.) from the medicine and traditions of the ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The first fundamental theory of the Unani system established by Greek philosopher Hippocrates is founded in the belief that the body of the individual is composed of four basic elements, which together, are called ‘Anasir-e-Arba’ (Hava, Pani, Mitti, Dhup). When the Mongols invaded Persia and Central Asia many scholars and physicians of Unani fled to India and Pakistan which was at that time called Indo – Pak Subcontinent.

According to the Unani discipline as it stands today, the human body is composed of 7 natural and basic components called ‘Umoor e Tabaiyah’ which are responsible for maintenance of health.

Hence, the UNANI System of addressing whole health considers illness as an event serving to cleans, purify, and balance us on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes.

Its a brief note on Unani medicine. For further reading, visit these informative websites.
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