The green rose, though not abundant in nature, is a beautiful sight to behold. But where to find it, I never have seen it in my life.In my opinion if we know the meaning of colours and their properties then its quite easy to know the meaning of flowers. The most significant and popular meaning of the green rose is fertility as the green color symbolizes richness, abundance and bounty.
Green rose also symbolizes self-respect and well being. Being symbolic of all life force, the color green gives a rich meaning to a rose. The freshness of the springtime, the abundance of the rainy season, all is well expressed by the green rose.
A Brief History Of The Green Rose will help us to know that it actually exists.

It was introduced into the flower loving popular culture in 1856 by a British company called Bembridge and Harrison, and has remained a peculiar addition to the rose family ever since.As far as roses go, the green rose is truly a unique specimen and generates not only an incredible, long lasting bloom but also a conversation point.

Now all I can say that the green rose are not yet available to the public but its a need to spread information about the growing of green roses.

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