Yesterday I was browsing some sites related to my blog’s name and by chance I came to know about two really good websites and so I decided to share it in my blog also as it will make my visitors why I have made this blog.

The message of the first website that I explored is that,

“The Earth’s echo lives in each one of us. Some of us are very attuned to recognizing it, and others hear it like a distant drummer, unclear of its source. We each innately know the elements, the cycles, the animal natures, and the plant characteristics, and somewhere in us, we feel how our bodies, emotions and spirits resonate with those echoes. There was a time when everything we knew came from observing the Earth and her beings: the way we discovered movement, expression, emotion, love and communication. All were once drawn from the fascination of the wild. That yearning lives in us still. It is in listening to, and becoming this echo, that we become more balanced, healthy, open, free, and naturally loving and joyful. We remember that all life is sacred.”

And another website is Earth Echo, a gallery of peace, love, and light on the internet. I am sharing a poem, The Ancient Plan from this website.

The Ancient Plan

O Ancient Plan,
Reveal my destiny,
Guide my path,
Shape my being.
Birth Yourself in the Temple of my body.
Reveal Yourself in the Life of my spirit.
Animate Yourself by the Love in my soul.
Reflect Yourself by the Light in my life.

A prayer/poem from the
heart of Jean Lauer

Try to browse this page too, The Sharing Gallery is devoted to the work of others who have visited this place. Here you will find art, photography, poetry, and writings. I hope you would like it.

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