Identifying a dead tree is not that simple because there are many situations when a living tree may appear to be dead.While the death of a flower may go unnoticed, a dying tree is something we find to be alarming and sad.

The signs that a tree is dying are many and they differ greatly. Its depends on the type of trees,some of ornamental trees and some other trees starts dropping foliage and bark starts cracking. One sure sign is a lack of leaves or a reduction in the number of leaves produced on all or part of the tree. Other signs of a sick tree include the bark becoming brittle and falling off the tree, limbs dying and falling off or the truck becoming spongy or brittle. Further signs of poor tree health are trunk decay, crown dieback, or both. These symptoms often indicate problems that began several years before.

And what causes a tree to die is that they can be affected by tree diseases, insects, fungus and even old age. Tree diseases vary from species to species, as do the types of insects and fungus that can hurt various types of trees. Environmental factors also causes a tree to die so try to prevent trees from dying as trees are important for own lives. A tree specialist will be able to tell you if you are seeing is about to die. If the problem is treatable, then the specialist will also be able to help the dying tree to survive.

Dead Trees Images:

An Old Sisham Tree

Dead tree, Isn’t it still beautiful ??

Beautiful, isn’t it??

Dragon tree at Darawar Fort, Cholistan

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