Though all magnolias have been used for practical purposes long before they began to be planted as ornamentals, and all possess similar properties. Some uses of Yulan Magnolia are given below. Yulan magnolia is one of the most ornamental Magnolia trees. The flower buds are used to flavour foods like rice. Flower buds and bark is also used as a tonic, astringent. It is said that a tea from the bark was used as a quinine substitute source. The bark was also sometimes chewed to help with smoking cessation. The wood has also long been used for cabinetry and veneers. Oil is extracted from leaves and flowers. The pounded leaves are used for toothache.

Two species of Magnulia are Cultivated in northern part of Pakistan. The Magnolia is considered to be a symbol of purity in China and Japan. It is native to China.It is known that The Magnolia is the oldest plant in Angiosperm. Magnolia is usually a deciduous tree, their trees are tall and flowers very beautiful. Some magnolias can live as long as over 1,000 years.Magnolia is one of the well-known flowers traditionally cultivated in China, and inspired a lot of verses in praise of it in the ancient and modern time.
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Yulan Magnolia

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