The red delicious apple tested highest and in all apples the peel contained the greatest amounts of the healthful chemicals.Many fruits contain more antioxidants than apples, but popularity and year-round availability make them an important source of antioxidants.It is said that the Red Delicious contain the highest concentrations of the health enhancing chemicals.And to get the most bang for your bite, be sure to eat the peel.

The skin of Red Delicious apples contains over six times more antioxidant activity. It contains more disease fighting antioxidants according to a new study.It is also found out that the chemicals responsible for antioxidant activity in apples — probably is most useful to horticulturists breeding new, antioxidant-rich varieties.

The information also could lead to the development of techniques for harvesting antioxidants from the waste products of the apple processing industry, the bulk of which is peel. Though apples have significantly lower concentrations of antioxidants than other fruits, especially many berries, researchers say year-round availability and greater popularity might make them a better source for many people.

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