Its a fact that we can make use of anything, there are many things that are useful for us but due to lack of guidance we don’t use them. Its a need to share some useful tips that will make you to live a environment friendly life. After you’ve prepared your breakfast, and you’re cleaning up, remember to keep your eggshells this morning, because they can be useful in your garden.They are high in calcium carbonate. They will be a well seasoned free feed for the roses by the time they reach the flower beds. You can crush them up and then spread them around plants to protect them from slugs, lizards and snails. The rough edges are too sharp for the slimy creatures to traverse, thus creating a barrier around your plant. Over time, the eggshells will break down, so they won’t harm your garden. I’m also going to use them in the kitchen garden.

Another important use of eggshells is to make eggshell plant pots, its a cheap way to decorate your homes and the method is given below:
Clean eggshells and dry them gently.To give the tiny plant pot a solid base, glue a small square of cardboard to the bottom of the eggshell. If using white glue, let it set for a few hours.Using paint or markers, decorate the eggshells. Let the paint dry.Put potting soil in the eggshells (fill a little over half way). Add many grass seeds or two bean seeds (in case one doesn’t germinate). The grass seeds take a few weeks to germinate, but bean seeds will sprout in just a few days.Cover the seeds with a little bit of soil, and sprinkle lightly with water. When the seeds sprout, put the tiny plant pot in a sunny spot and enjoy.

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