Acer caesium known as Himalayan maple is a threatened tree species of the Central Himalayas. Acer caesium seed exhibited a well-defined pattern of increase in longevity with decrease in storage temperature and seed moisture content. Maple trees, up to 25 m tall, are deciduous. Barks are canescent or pale brown. Twigs red-brown, glabrous, peppered with callous dots. Flower buds large, prominent in dormant season.

The Maple symbolizes the simple pleasures in life. The family, the friends and the things that warm the heart. The warmth and riches of the family home, and the chance to celebrate and indulge in these pleasures.

Maple trees emphasis on refreshing all areas and bringing the warmth back into life. This flows outward to enrich the rest of the world. It is said that Old wounds heal because of maple trees. Renewed energy flows through the veins adding new dimensions to relationships. It symbolizes good news and old friends, celebrations, an open heart and the memories of childhood. The realization of a wealth that is not material. And It is thought that because of them there are many gifts bestowed upon us.

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